Ruvheneko bares all: I am no profile picture

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

TELEVISION and radio personality, Ruvheneko Parirentaywa (30) says she is done sacrificing herself in order to make people happy.

Parirenyatwa said most people talk about her personal life and the reasons behind the failure of her online television project as if she does not exist.

“If you see me quiet, it means I am dealing with some things. I stopped now after nine years to put on the face to make people happy.

“I think it come with age, I turned 30 last year,” Ruvheneko said.

She was speaking at the Impact Hub Harare gathering, on Friday.

“People attack me like I am just a profile picture on social media, they don’t know there is a person behind that.

“We are living in an environment in which when you are a well-known personality like a radio host, nobody cares about the real you.

“No one cares that your that your aunt died last night. No one knows that your father is in court,” she said.

Ruvheneko is daughter to former Cabinet Minister David Parirenyatwa who is on trial for abuse of office.

She said gone are the days when she would cry over social media posts. Ruvheneko argued her only crime is that she was born to a Zanu PF politician.

“My whole life has been a f*ck up, twitter will tell you that the first f*ck up was being born a Parirenyatwa because of my father,” said Ruvheneko.

Ruvheneko said being a journalists was not her first choice but this came just by chance as she was studying law at University of Cape Town (UTC) years ago. This she said led to the birth of Ruvheneko Online Television.

“When I was in high school, I thought I was going to be a pediatrician because my daddy is a doctor and I thought it was fantastic,” she said.

“During the multiple examination in the afternoon, I had my cell-phone in my pocket by mistake. It rang and thereafter I lost my ‘O’ Level results, Biology. So that took away my pediatrician dreams.”

The television personality said she then resorted to law.

“After that I went to study law went to UCT. In my first year I studied law and then second year I took media as an elective.

“I fell in love with it and then I joined UTC radio.  That was when I quit law school and changed my degree to media,” said Ruvheneko.

She said things went pear-shaped when she decided to interview social activist Evan Mawarire founder of #ThisFlag movement.

“I was at ZiFM stereo radio station. I interviewed Pastor Evan Mawarire, the days when #ThisFlag was still very new. That was my last show on ZiFM and those of you who understand the political environment in Zimbabwe know that that was a very risky thing to do,” Ruvheneko said.

Ruvheneko realised they had taken away my voice so she teamed up with a friend Tafadzwa (now late) to begin an online project.

Her first interview with musician Stunner was a success and thus, Ruvheneko Live was born. Said she was subjected to a barrage of attacks by social media activists but was ready for it. Her show, she said went off-air “because of the mistakes I made.”

“When Ruvheneko Live collapsed it wasn’t that it wasn’t working, it was brilliant and I was on top of my game at that time,” she said.

She said she relied too much on Tafadzwa he died the show was buried with him.

Ruvheneko said a decision to join Zimpapers “for security over destiny” was another mistake.