Ruvheneko, Kasukuwere’s Daughter Divorce Hubbies 

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By Staff Reporter

PROMINENT TV and radio personality, Ruvheneko Elsie Mafara (nee Parirenyatwa) has gone separate ways with her husband of seven years, Tendai Basil Mafara.

In a related case, exiled former minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s daughter is also divorcing her husband, Shingirai David Zinyemba.

Ruvheneko, also daughter to former health minister David Parirenyatwa, has filed for divorce through the High Court stating that she has not been living with Mafara since 2016.

She told court that she and her estranged husband have lost love for each other and there were no prospects of reconciliation.

“I married defendant out of community of property and according to the matrimonial laws of Zimbabwe in Harare on the 19th of April 2014 and this marriage subsists,” said Parirenyatwa-Mafara.

“My marriage relationship with defendant has irretrievably broken down to the extent that there is no reasonable prospect of the restoration between us of a normal marriage relationship.”

She added, “Defendant and I have been unable to maintain common interests or a loving relationship as should subsist between husband and wife and defendant and l have been living apart since October 2016 and have no intentions of resuming cohabitation with each other.

“This is confirmed by defendant who signed an affidavit of waiver consenting to the divorce.”

The two did not have any children together.

Parirenywtwa-Mafara said she was able to look after herself after their divorce is formalised.

According to court papers, parties also agreed that each will retain some matrimonial assets in their respective names.

However, Ruvheneko said she wanted possession of the couple’s Mercedes Benz ML 350.

The summons were filed on March 31, 2021 and set down for hearing on April 15.

Mafara did not oppose the summons.

In the case of Kasukuwere’s daughter, Natasha Lucian Nyasha Zinyemba nee Kasukuwere is also divorcing her husband, Shingirai David Zinyemba.

The two were married in terms of the Marriage Act Chapter 5:11 on December 6 2019 and the marriage still subsists.

Natasha says there was no hope to reconcile.

“The marriage between the parties has broken down irretrievably to such an extent that the parties can no longer live together as husband and wife more particularly in that the plaintiff and defendant have irreconcilable differences which are incapable of resolution,” read the summons.

“The plaintiff has lost love and affection towards the defendant and the parties have been living separately and have not shared the matrimonial bed since March 2021,” she said.

“The defendant has specifically told the plaintiff that he has grown out of the marital union and he does not wish to continue forcing the relationship.”

She also said each party has got the capacity to take care of itself and to that end, the issues of maintenance did not arise.

Kasukuwere-Zinyemba also asked to be awarded with the couple’s Mercedes Benz GL350d.

She also wants a chandelier, art pieces, utensils and household furniture currently in their kitchen, dining room, lounge while her husband gets the remaining property.

The matter was then set down for hearing on an unopposed roll on April 14 2021.

A court ruling is pending.