SA: Three Zimbabwean nationals busted with explosives

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MUSINA: Members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) have confiscated explosives from a group of Zimbabwean nationals.

According to Captain Moses Semono of the Limpopo Joint Technical Headquarters, this was a case of possible Automated Teller Machine (ATM) explosion attempts.

The explosives, which are valued at around R38 000, were found on three undocumented people aged between 31 and 33-years-old at the Beitbridge port of entry.

All three are of Zimbabwean nationality.

The identified explosives included six reels of detonating cord, 50 units of connector capped fuses and 65 units of blasting cartridges which were branded Superpower 90 emulsion explosives, Solar Explochem Zambia Limited.

“The suspects were entering South Africa illegally carrying sixty-five blasting cartridges of Superpower 90 emulsion explosives, together with connector capped fuses, as well as Reels of Detonating Cords,” said Semono.

The South African Police Services (Saps) bomb disposal unit in Musina was activated and took over the case for further investigation.

Upon arrival at the police station, the suspects’ luggage was searched and commercial explosives were discovered.

The case was registered in the Saps Crime Administration System, and the three suspects have been arrested. They are expected to appear before the Musina Magistrate’s Court with charges of unlawful possession and the smuggling of explosives.

Colonel Samuel Mabotja, the officer commanding at the Joint Tactical Headquarter, commended the members who worked on the case, and praised them for a job well done.