SA to Investigate Hiring Of Illegal Foreigners After Violent Clashes between Zim And Lesotho Nationals

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SOUTH AFRICA: The Department of Employment and Labour will investigate claims that illegal foreign nationals have been hired in the Cape Winelands following clashes between Lesotho nationals and Zimbabweans in the past few days.

The department visited Robertson on Saturday as hundreds of foreign nationals were displaced after the attacks.

It said it would not tolerate any employment of illegal foreign nationals as that would have been a violation of the law and immigration laws.

It has been reported that Basotho and Zimbabweans were fighting over jobs in Robertson.

The department of labour visited the area with the SAPS and the department of home affairs to look into the hiring of illegal foreign nationals.

“Clashes erupted on Thursday… between Basotho and Zimbabwean nationals over alleged competition for farm space between the two groups,” said the Department.

“Before launching an investigation into the allegations brought forward to the department, the department felt it was necessary to visit the area and engage relevant roleplayers.

“According to the Western Cape provincial chief inspector, David Esau, there are no records from the Department of Employment and Labour indicating that corporate visas were issued for any foreign nationals to work on the farms, prompting the department to launch an investigation into the allegations.”

It said if any of the farmers had hired illegal foreigners they would have to answer to the department of home affairs.

The department of labour, SAPS and home affairs will now conduct inspections on all farms in Robertson to determine if there are any illegal foreign nationals employed on those farms.