Sazini Malaba, Zimbabwe’s Unsung Queen of Empowerment

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By Staff Reporter

UNITED Kingdom-based socialite and entrepreneur, Sazini Malaba is Zimbabwe’s unsung heroine who established Award winning Mthwakazi Queens UK.

The organisation is a women’s community organisation that helps beneficiaries develop their self-worth, build resilience, self-economic empowerment and social stability for themselves, families and communities at large.

Established in 2015, the organisation constitutes women in different regions across UK providing support on the basis of cohesive relationships.

“We seek to strengthen women’s confidence and build a powerhouse through creating a cohesive community for them,” said Malaba who is also currently studying towards a Degree in Project Management.

“We are an organisation committed to a culture of teamwork, honesty, transparency and strive for excellence. We also respond to the distresses of our women and provide a safety net, whilst encouraging them to take responsibility. As an organisation, we also challenge our members to have a heart that identifies the needs of others and support them.”

The Mthwakazi Queens UK also runs other projects that include Birthday groups, Burial groups, Car buying schemes and Home improvement schemes.

“We have 34 birthday groups which have been running for nearly three years now. Through these groups, we have 10 or more united women forming a syndicate of celebrating each other’s birthdays.

“This was in view of the fact that life in the Diaspora can be so lonely and some people may not have relatives or friends to actually celebrate with. So, this is done aimed at exterminating nostalgic moments that are always a challenge within the Diaspora community.

“We also initiated three national burial groups and almost one in each and every region across UK. These burial although they run independently of Mthwakazi Queens UK, they are still a very huge and strong part of the main organisation and most members benefit in times of bereavement,” added Malaba.

Through the Car Buying Scheme, the organisation seeks to assist each other in purchasing vehicles as a means of easing transport challenges.

“Life in the UK without a car can be very stressful and the weather is not very warm. So, we thought to empower women in taking turns to assist each other in purchasing vehicles. Currently we have two active groups in this category and they have all been running very well.”

With housing challenges, the organisation also seeks to assist women to have proper accommodation.

“Through our Home Improvement Scheme, women have teamed up yet again to assist each other in improving their homes. We assist them through construction or purchasing of furniture where need be. We have seen a lot of women satisfied with the positive results of this initiative,” said a confident Malaba.

Mthwakazi Queens UK has also previously worked with Queen Loziba – a Non Profit-making initiative which aims at helping and supporting disadvantaged schools and hospitals in Zimbabwe.

We also work with Queen Loziba group and Women of Purpose which is an organisation that seeks to recognise purposeful women in the community though the work that they do. Again, we work with DUMI Aid International – a charitable organisation which delivers positive outcomes in health, education and equality,” she added.

Mthwakazi Queens UK has also twice won the People’s Choice Community Group Awards in 2016 and 2017. The awards were organised by All Women Achievers Awards group that acknowledges and celebrates achievements of women thereby inspiring and motivating other women to reach their potential.

Possessing qualifications in Secretarial studies and a Diploma in Mental Health Nursing, the Hwange-born Malaba also reflected on the birth of the Mthwakazi Queens UK.

“Whilst living in the UK, cultural differences and diversity has been a challenge.

“Bringing up children in a different environment you grew up from is no walk in the park. This is a major reason that motivated me to set up the Mthwakazi Queens UK in 2015 November to assist fellow women facing challenges that I encountered when I first arrived in the UK in 2002,” she said.

To know more about the organisation visit or info@mthwakaziqueensorg or +447946049033