School fees costs now more than six times average family income – latest research reveals

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By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWEAN families will have to part with more than six times their monthly income to send their children to school, according to a recent research.

Findings by World Remit Data indicate household income has decreased by 4% against a 7% hike in school supplies costs.

The research, conducted in 10 countries including Zimbabwe, revealed how inflation has impacted families in relation to school expenses.

Zimbabwe has the highest costs among the ten that include Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Ghana and Kenya.

“The 2022 findings reveal the average household income decreased by 4%, fertility rates remained steady and the cost of basic school supplies increased by more than 7% on average,” reads the report.

“Across all 10 countries observed in both 2021 and 2022 studies, the dramatic increase of specific school items illustrates how inflation is hitting home on schooling costs and impacting families across the world, depending on how many items they needed to buy for this upcoming year

“Zimbabwe showed the highest costs relative to average family size and monthly income at nearly 700% of the average family household income. Other countries, including Morocco, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya and Guatemala all can expect to pay more than 100% of their monthly household income on school supplies this season.

“In Zimbabwe, costs to send a family’s house of children to school this year will cost more than 6 times more than the average household’s income.”

Over 3 000 international money senders took part in the research.

Zimbabwe is currently battling high inflation that has eroded most wages. Civil servants have been put in a worse situation by their lowly monthly salaries of less than US$100.