Schoolgirl (16) caged 6 years for stealing kombi

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MUREWA: A 16-year-old Marondera schoolgirl has been handed six years imprisonment after being convicted by a Murewa regional magistrate for stealing a commuter transport omnibus which she later crashed in a road accident in Kadoma.

The cheeky Form 3 pupil from Marondera’s Dombotombo Suburb, who was only identified in court as ‘X’ because of her age, was early this year picked up at Chizori Farm Bus Stop by Tawanda Tizora who was driving a Mazda Bongo to the small time. 

When the two reached Muniwa Business Centre, the girl asked for Tizora’s mobile money transfer number, so she could pay the fare.

However, Tizora went on to stop his vehicle at a fuel station along the way leaving the car keys on the ignition as he rushed briefly into a nearby bush to relieve himself.

Upon his return, he was shocked to find the girl had disappeared with the vehicle. He went on to report the matter to the police.

The teen was later involved in a road accident in Kadoma along the Harare-Bulawayo road and was advised by the police to produce a driver’s licence within seven days which she did not.

She was later arrested in Kwekwe and brought to Murewa for trial.