Schweppes To Set Up 2 700ha Citrus Plantation In Beitbridge

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By James Muonwa

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed beverages giant, Schweppes Holdings Africa Limited, through it’s subsidiary Sunrise Citrus Estates, is planning to establish a 2 700-hectare citrus plantation in Beitbridge.
Famed for it’s internationally acclaimed Mazoe Orange Crush brand, the company seeks to grow it raw material source for manufacturing of juices for local and foreign markets.
In a recent statement, Schweppes said, “Sunrise Citrus Estates, a subsidiary of Schweppes Holdings Africa Limited, proposes to establish a citrus plantation in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe…and intends to set up a 2 700 hectare citrus plantation which will create employment for local communities.
“The implementation of the project will enable processing of juice for local and international markets, as well as exporting raw fruit.”
An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to gauge the feasibility and sustainability of the project will soon be undertaken by a contracted consultancy firm.
Members of the public have also been invited to give their submissions in terms of the Environmental Management Act 20:27.