Scores of opposition supporters arrested at slain CCC activist’s memorial service –  party says govt “panicking”

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By Staff Reporter

DOZENS attending a memorial service of slain Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist Mboneni Ncube in Gweru over the weekend were arrested and detained, the party said.

Ncube was stabbed to death by suspected ZANU PF supporters at a CCC rally in Kwekwe in February 2022.

The arrests come a few days after the government warned opposition and Civil Society Organisations against any “subversive activities” adding that law enforcement agents were ready to apprehend any suspects.

In a statement, the Nelson Chamisa backed CCC faction’s spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi said, “Hundreds of people attending Mboneni Ncube’s memorial have been arrested and are currently being held in Gweru.

“The regime’s panic has reached self-destruct levels.

“We urge citizens to continue carrying out lawful and peaceful programmes.”

It was also reported that police were blocking people from attending Mboneni Ncube’s memorial, and all vehicles, including those not headed to the memorial, were being turned back including routine commuter omnibuses ferrying commuters between Gweru and Lower Gweru.


Mkwananzi said this behaviour showed the government’s paranoia.

“Mr Mnangagwa and his regime’s paranoia and insecurity stem from well-founded fears of people’s discontent due to their illegitimacy but also several other transgressions including corruption, human rights violations, unjust taxes and many others.

“The people are determined to continue to peacefully exercise the rights conferred to them by the constitution and the regime is urged to accept this constitutional reality,” he said.

Police Commissioner Paul Nyathi was not reachable to comment at the time of publishing.

Meanwhile, 80 CCC activists were arrested two weeks ago while having a private meeting at the interim leader Jameson Timba’s residence.

Only two were granted bail and the rest of the activists are still behind bars as they were denied bail by the Harare Magistrate court last week.

They are being charged with participating in an unlawful gathering and disorderly conduct.

Five members of Job Sikhala’s National Democratic Working Group (NDWG) were also arrested in Harare on Saturday for holding an unsanctioned gathering.