Seemingly shaken Chiza says he is not into politics after Sikhala’s surprise visit  

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By Staff Reporter

A SEEMINGLY shaken self-styled Prophet Blessing Chiza has made it clear ‘to Zanu PF officials and supporters’ that he does not support any opposition party but simply a man of God who entertains and prays for everyone.

He said this at his Eagle Life Ministries Church on Sunday where recently incarcerated former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Member of Parliament (MP) Job Sikhala had visited.

Sikhala had come to the church to express gratitude for prayers he said had ensured his release from Chikurubi Maximum Prison, 595 days after his arrest.

The firebrand former MP, who was described as brave, honest, and genuine by Chiza, also sought to have numerous dreams interpreted for him before making decisions regards his political career.

Chiza described his church as a supermarket where anyone could come and shop, dismissing those who had labelled him an opposition supporter based on an earlier visit by then-CCC President Nelson Chamisa in 2019.

“Eagle Life is like a supermarket, anyone comes and buys even the President or Zanu PF ministers. I do not belong to CCC or Zanu Ndonga and I do not visit politicians’ offices,” said Chiza.

“When Chamisa came they said I belonged to the CCC but I do not even vote. You should vote, I cannot because I love all of them.

“I want to put this point through because I noticed that some people were saying I was CCC. Have you ever seen me at any rally of any party? Please get me clear, when you come I will pray and bless you.”

Chiza defended his stance arguing that he had been the only one to have prophesied President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ascent to power despite having been expelled from Zanu PF in late 2017.

He added: “I am one of the prophets, if not the only one who prophesied that President Emmerson Mnangagwa would become President. I said he was coming back after being chucked out.

“I want Zanu PF people to understand the true prophetic anointing that we do not side with parties. I am simply a man of God doing his job, do not misinterpret me.”