Selmor Mtukudzi’s Track In Tuku’s Memory A Hit

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By Alois Vinga

A MEMORY evoking single track done by Selmor Mtukudzi in memory her late father, the internationally acclaimed music icon Oliver Mtukudzi titled ‘Mandidzimbira’ has hit 89 000 views on Youtube, only five days after it was released.

Presented in a style which proves careful thought and patience were invested in producing the track, listeners are easily taken down the memory lane.

The tears shedding song in Shona lyrics which goes; “Aiwa Baba mandidzimbira, mandigura kunorira, mandivhairira Daddy, kundidadira muchienda”.  

The 7:25 minutes track captures memoirs of a song done by Tuku after being rattled by the deaths of his close family members. Selmor bemoans that her late dad has also joined his family members in spirit.

As of Tuesday, the track had attracted 3 700 likes from viewers who could not resist the track.