Sex Worker (26) Demands Cash After Sleeping With Boy (13), Remanded In Custody

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By Munashe Makuwe

A 26-year-old female Chitungwiza sex worker, Precious Taye has been remanded in custody by a Harare magistrate after she had sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old boy in Houghton Park, Harare this week.

According to the state, the minor visited a dating site and selected Taye.

“The complainant tapped the advertisement and it immediately opened the complainant’s WhatsApp. The accused person then sent a message to the complainant stating that NURUV – US$15, FATISH – US$30, FULL HOUSE – US$40 and SEX – US$20,” the state papers read.

After some negotiations, Taye and the minor agreed to have sex last Tuesday morning.

“The complainant asked the accused to bring a sleeping pill so as to give his siblings and same agreed. The accused then arrived at 1300hrs with a taxi and asked the complainant to pay the taxi driver.

“The accused was told by the complainant to go back but same forced herself inside the gate.

“Complainant then told the accused to go into the motor vehicle after she had given him the sleeping pill he had asked for. The minor got into the house and gave his siblings a sleeping tablet for them to sleep so that they will use the house for sexual intercourse.

“The complainant had sexual intercourse with the accused person with protection and same later realised what he was doing was wrong. The complainant told the accused to go but same refused stating she wanted money for her service.”

According to the state, the matter came to light when the minor approached a neighbour asking for US$120 to pay Taye for her to leave.

The neighbour then phoned the accused’s grandmother and all was revealed leading to Taye’s arrest.

She appeared in court Thursday before Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti and was denied bail.