Shock as worshippers clad in sack gowns wail for three days

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A CHURCH crusade held at the Harare Gardens between Wednesday and Friday last week raised eyebrows because of strange sack gowns worn by the wailing worshippers.
The event attracted onlookers because of the ‘wailing’ worshipers who also encouraged everyone to join them.
NewZimbabwe news crew joined the worshippers to find out more about the ‘strange’ sack cloth uniform and wailing. Worshipers said the uniform symbolised “national tragedy” and wearing them was a sign of “humility” and “humbleness” before God.
The gathering was motivated by the “vision” of one of their leaders, Apostle Lukiah Borerwe. 
The Wail for Zimbabwe Prayer and Repentance Conference went under the theme: Come let’s Cry for Our Nation of Zimbabwe, Let us take Zimbabwe Back to God. 
“We are wearing this sack cloth because we are coming before God and admitting that we have sinned, this is not unique as this was practised back then in difficult times according to the Old Testament,” said Tafadzwa Chamwedza, coordinator of the event.
“It is also a sign of humility before our God; we are coming and wailing before God asking for forgiveness. We are taking responsibility for everything that is happening in our nation. We are also praying for the success and prosperity of the nation.”
According to Chamwedza, the worshippers were “children of God from various Christian denominations”.
Pastor Abbie Mangwenzi said they were also praying for peace because one of the prophecies they received said there shall be war if they did not pray.
“We are praying for peace, restoration and prosperity in the country,” said Mangwenzi.