Shortage Of Doctors Caused By The West – Zanu PF

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Thandiwe Garusa

ZANU-PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa has blamed western countries for causing a brain drain in the health sector saying that they lure the Zimbabwe’s medical practitioners with better salaries.

Mutsvangwa was speaking during a post-politburo media briefing Saturday.

“The Vice President talked about the brain drain again which is done by the western countries because they do not train their people,” Mutsvangwa said.

“Then when a crisis comes, they come to recruit from Zimbabwe because we are relatively poorer than them as we were enslaved and not as rich as they are. We trained people, they then come and snatch them,” he said.

“They never want to compensate us for those people who take their money to train but they are now lured by better salaries because they have been neglectful of their responsibility to train their own personnel, so we are always at the receiving end of these people who always want to teach us about democracy and human rights,” he added.

Mutsvangwa also said that government is going to make sure the living and working conditions of health workers are improved.

“The cabinet is seized with how we can address the issue of brain drain,  not only salaries as we know also the living conditions.”