Should you Buy Google’s Pixel Fold?

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After months of rumors, leaks of official images have provided a full example of Google’s new Pixel Fold. The newest release in the Pixel line takes an established direction with its features, making it a promising entry among the still limited selection of folding mobile systems. Premium devices like this aren’t the right for everyone, but they still represent immense potential in the right hands, so is this new device right for you?

Goodbye, Mi Band” (Public Domain) by Dennis S. Hurd

Ecosystem Matters

For users long tied into Apple’s ecosystem, a change to a folding system might be a non-starter. Folding phones can be advantageous, but they’re also based on Android, so if you’re a big iOS fan, then there isn’t yet a folding phone for you. Though there are rumors of a folding system in development by Apple, the release of this product could be years off.

In this scenario, it’s important to weigh the complications of going to a different operating system carefully, as getting Apple programs to work on Android can be complicated and frustrating. Even with iPhone sales on their recent rollercoaster, an Apple folding release is inevitable, in case you want to wait.

Work Potential

One of the biggest advantages offered by systems like the Pixel is its function with work uses. When opened, folding phones are essentially the same as small tablets. This makes them much better at interfacing with typing and document management, though they’re still far behind the efficiency of laptops and desktops. As a stopgap solution for someone constantly on the go, however, a device like the Pixel could be a real game-changer.

Entertainment Advancements

We use our smartphones for entertainment more than ever, and folding phones can enhance most of these experiences even further than with a slate-style setup. Any form of entertainment which relies on visuals could see enhancements here, with greater screen space providing a more engaging format.

Watching videos from online systems like YouTube and Netflix will be the most obvious, but advantages also apply to interactive experiences like online casino games. Jackpot titles like Fire Drake and Oracle of Dead have already been designed to work perfectly on standard smartphones, where the increased space of tablets further enhances play.

The same applies to the other elements of the service too, where features like the Thursday Night Sports Tournament and Daily Spins Leaderboard stand out and appear even more impressive on larger displays. Plus, with the sheer amount of information included in the sports betting sites, more to see makes it easy to pick the best bets. From playing the jackpots to the entire spectrum of what’s on offer, a larger screen really counts.

The User Experience

Larger screens can look better, but they can also help users who have limited use of their fingers, or who have visual concerns. Thanks to scaling features included on other Pixel devices and assumed to be included on the Fold, users of these devices could see benefits to navigation and general use. Larger screens on folding phones can overcome the cramped complexities of slate phones, which is something many users could appreciate.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by TheBetterDay

Folding systems like the Pixel Fold are premium devices, meaning they’re not cheap. Rumors paint the likely price of this release at around US$1,700, and it’s likely not to get cheaper after importing. If you have the budget, the want, or the need, however, the Pixel Fold or another folding device could be just what you’re looking for.