Sikhala ‘dreams bees biting’ ED, warns state leader to resign for own safety

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By Costa Nkomo

DEFIANT MDC Alliance legislator, Job Sikhala has made astounding warning President Emmerson Mnangagwa risked being “bitten by bees” if the bungling state leader did not resign voluntarily.

This, said the top MDC politician Friday, was according to his recent dream.

“I generally don’t dream falsehoods,” Sikhala said.

“When I am talking about dreams, I am not talking about wishes,” said Sikhala, who has been warned numerous times about predicting coups.

“I am talking about a real dream. Two nights ago, I dreamt about you (Mnangagwa) being viciously bitten by a swarm of bees.

“You tried to laugh at them saying nyuchi idzi dzinopenga (these bees are mad) but they continued coming for you heavily.”

He added: “When you tried to use your hand to swat them away, I saw them biting your hand until it got swollen to the size of a drum. They continued biting you until you melted. Beware mene mene takil Falsin.

“I urge you to resign as soon as possible to save yourself from the swarm of bees.

“My dreams always come true Mr. Mnangagwa. You will remember me for this.

“Put it in your notebook. You will try to kill some (bees) but it won’t work for you. Our people have reached breaking point.”

Weeks ago Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe warned to Sikhala to stop making pronouncements pointing to an imminent coup in the country.