Sikhala dumps CCC ‘carcass’, forms new movement  

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By Darlington Gatsi

FORMER political prisoner Job Sikhala has dumped the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) describing the opposition outfit as a carcass, forming his political movement.

Sikhala, who was recently released from prison had been tight-lipped over his next political move in the aftermath of the CCC implosion after the resignation of Nelson Chamisa.

Addressing the media Thursday in Harare, Sikhala announced the political movement which he said will be broad-based with civic society, students and the church being involved.

“We are not here to pronounce the emergence of a political organization but a broad-based mass democratic movement for everyone in the advancement of the mass democratic struggle in the fashion of the United Democratic Front (UDF) of the 1980s in apartheid South Africa,” said Sikhala.

“This is motivated in remembrance of the great ideals held by many Zimbabweans who perished during the period of the liberation struggle, Gukurahundi and those who died since the resuscitation of the goals and aspirations of the mass democratic struggle in February 1999.”

Sikhala becomes the latest high-profile figure to leave CCC which has been rocked by resignations after allegations of infiltration.

Another faction of the party had mooted a leadership structure that would have Sikhala as the deputy chairman.

Sikhala said the new movement will seek to correct the shortcomings of the Movement Democratic Change (MDC) when it started in 1999.

“The weakness of our 1999 approach was that the meeting of the constituent bodies was heavy at the top with only the ZCTU having grassroots structures. It was the meeting of constituent bodies at the national leadership level with less participation from the shop floor and village level which eventually led to the clash of egos. Zimbabwe needs a way forward to answer the national question, of where to from here.

“The way forward on what should be done from here will come from the people through a Mass Nationwide Democratic Consultative Process. The national consultative process will convene Nationwide Democratic Consultative Conventions.

“The Consultative process will involve all important constituent bodies, that is, the general masses of our people, labour, students, traditional leaders, churches, civic society, businesspersons, professionals, residents’ associations, informal traders, women clubs, farmers, peasants, youth organizations, progressive political organizations, war veterans, war collaborators, artists, corporate business sector,  and people living with disabilities,” said Sikhala.