Sikhala handed six-month suspended sentence and $600 fine

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By Staff Reporter

HARARE: Opposition politician Job Sikhala was convicted of obstruction of justice in a high-profile trial on Wednesday, a move that could bar him from contesting upcoming elections.

In a case that critics said was politically motivated, Sikhala was found guilty by a Harare court almost a year after he was first arrested, and after spending more than 300 days behind bars pending the verdict.

“The state has proved its case beyond any reasonable doubt,” magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa told the court.

“The accused has no defence at all and is hereby found guilty and convicted of the offence”.

Later in the day, Sikhala was handed a six-month suspended sentence and a $600 fine, or another six months behind bars if he fails to pay.

He will however remain in jail pending other cases against him.

Below are some images from Wednesday’s court hearing;