Silobela father seeks justice for son gunned down by police

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By Staff Reporter

A MAN from Silobela in Midlands is seeking justice for his son who was murdered in alleged extra-judicial killing by police in March.

The unfortunate incident happened at Cross Roads in March when the police officers raided Moffat Moyo’s homestead looking for his late son, Bhekhani Moyo (20).

Moyo said to date, nothing has been done even when the perpetrators were known.

Narrating the incident, Moyo said about six police officers raided the homestead at dawn and found Bhekani asleep with his brother.

They woke him up, but he started moving backwards and one of the officers, without firing a warning shot, reportedly fired point blank at Bhekani’s chest and he died on the spot.

“They came to my homestead in the early morning saying they were looking for Bhekani.

“They did not disclose the offence they wanted him for.

“Bhekani tried to move backwards and one of the police officers shot him and he died on the spot.

“When I questioned them about their actions, the officers also pointed the gun at me and my other son. My son didn’t deserve to die like that, he had committed no crime,” Moyo said.

Moyo said he was seriously pained by the incident and wanted justice for his son.

“The people who killed my son are well known. I tried to raise the issue with the police but no action has been taken.

“What I only want is justice for my son because he didn’t deserve to die like that,” he said.

Commenting on the incident, Silobela MP Mthokozisi Manoki Mpofu said justice must be served and that the perpetrators must be held accountable.

“I was phoned by one of the village heads at around 4:30 am Sunday advising me that the boy was shot,” he said.

“I went there and found people gathered with the body there.

“I found the police officers gone, but I was advised that the now-deceased was wanted in connection with a common assault case that took place recently.

“I was told they shot him at point blank in the chest and he died on the spot.

“It was cruel on the part of the police. They should have fired warning shots and arrested him.”

Mpofu added, “It was serious brutality on the part of law enforcement agencies, but they are trying to sweep it under the carpet.

“The boy was shot point blank with a FN rifle in front of his father he called me around 5 am and the officers had run away leaving the body lying lifeless it was terrible.”