Silobela MP Fears Covid-19 Outbreak As District Runs Dry

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By Staff Reporter

SILOBELA MP Mthokhozisa Mpofu has expressed strong fears of a possible Covid-19 outbreak in his rural constituency due to severe water challenges currently being experienced.

The situation is so dire in the area as most water points have dried up following successive droughts.

The water crisis has equally affected both livestock and human beings hampering Covid-19 recommendations for people to frequently wash their hands with water and soap to fight the spread of the virus.

In an interview with this week, Mpofu said most villagers in Silobela were now relying on few boreholes available and disregarding social distancing as they scrambled for turns to fetch the necessity.

“I have to highlight some of the challenges which are potential places likely to spread the virus if we have an outbreak in Silobela,” he said.

“The acute shortage of water due to broken down boreholes has witnessed large numbers of villagers converging at one watering point and violating social distancing. There is a need for a massive borehole rehabilitation programme so as to ease pressure on the few functional water points,” he said.

Mpofu also feared the spread of Covid-19 in the area would be worsened by a lack of coordination and conflicts within law enforcement agencies.

“Despite notable Covid-19 compliance in Silobela, I strongly think that there is a serious lack of coordination between the law enforcement agencies and other concerned stakeholders,” he said.

Mpofu also accused State security agents of enforcing lockdown regulations by brutally beating and harassing villagers without creating awareness first on what is required from the citizens.