Simplify policies and blueprints for benefit of ordinary people – Vendors

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

GOVERNMENT needs simplify economic policies, as well as all programmes to allow ordinary people to contribute and interrogate them, an informal traders’ organisation has said.

Lorraine Sibanda, president of the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZICEA), told in an interview that the wording in most government blue-prints is designed to “scare ordinary people into silence.”

“This idea of using big economic words, fiscal and monetary policies as well as Staff Monitored Programmes, should come to an end that is meaningless to us.

“I say meaningless, because the wording is designed to separate ordinary people and them (government), the wording is designed to scare us into silence,” Sibanda said.

She urged authorities to use the same tactic that political parties use during campaigns, in which messages are simplified on banners and t-shirts for the benefit of those that illiterate.

Sibanda said given most people have little knowledge of economics, they are forced to remain silent and not critique government programmes and policies.

“I cannot interrogate monetary policies, hence I am expected to be quiet and not contribute my thoughts. My illiteracy becomes a hindrance to my democratic right to contribute to governance.

“If monetary policies are meant to affect our lives, they should be simplified in the same manner they do with political manifestos ahead of elections,” said Sibanda.

She added that the ongoing dialogue between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and losing candidates in last year’s presidential elections is a waste of resources because it is “elitist.”

“One wonders what it is they discuss, that is so detached from reality.

“They use colonial laws against vendors. The ordinary people are not represented. There is nothing for us without us,” the vendors’ leader said.

Sibanda said any talks that leave out the real issues affecting ordinary people will be useless arguing if leader do not deal with the cancer of corruption, “their so called dialogue” will not bear fruit.