Snaptube, A Free Video and Music Downloader App For Android

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Desc: Check out this review on how to download and utilize Snaptube. It is a free file downloader app to save any content from social media and online platforms.

Often find funny and interesting videos on social media and wanna save them to your phone gallery? Well, Snaptube can help you with that.

As we know, most social media like Instagram and Facebook do not provide the ‘save video’ feature. Not only social media, but online streaming platforms like DailyMotion and Vevo also do not have one. Therefore, by using Snaptube, we can download videos from those sources and then save them to watch offline or share with friends.

Learn more about Snaptube video and music downloader by reading this review.

What is Snaptube?

Snaptube is a video downloader application for social media or online streaming platforms. It supports more than 50+ social media platforms, starting from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp to TikTok. And of course, you do not have to spend a penny to use it.

Want to know what features are provided by Snaptube? Here’re some of them:

  • Multiple resolution and format options

One of the problems when downloading is the resolution and format. Some platforms may require you to pay a subscription before getting the highest quality. And yet with Snaptube, it gives you the freedom to determine the format and resolution that suits your preference. Formats like MP4, MP3 and MKV are available for you to choose.

  • Convert video MP4 to audio MP3

Snaptube allows you to save an audio from a video directly without having to download the video first. Therefore, no matter what audio you like from a video, especially the background music of the trendiest TikTok, you can download it directly and set it as your device’s ringtone.

  • Support floating player

This floating player function allows you to do various things on your smartphone while watching video or listening to music without having to close it. It supports small pop-up windows for you to enjoy them.

  • Support night mode

When you want to watch videos at night, simply turn on this night mode to make it easier on the eyes. This way, you can watch it at ease without worrying about hurting your eyes.

  • Support batch download

Downloading several videos or music simultaneously is possible with Snaptube. It could save a lot of your time by not clicking on them one by one.

  • Work as a file manager as well

You can manage your phone’s internal storage from Snaptube. It has the ‘clean’ function that can recommend you to delete the trash on your cell phone so that its performance can be more optimal.

Tutorial on Downloading and Installing Snaptube

Since Snaptube is not available on Play Store, you will have to visit its official website to download the APK. Go to and find the red Download button. Tap on the button and wait for a while, it will start downloading the APK.

Next, before installing the APK to your device, go to your phone’s Settings, then visit the Security menu to activate the option of installation from an unknown source. Once it is activated, scroll download your notification bar and tap on the downloaded APK to start the installation to your device.

Tutorial on Utilizing Snaptube to Watch and Download Videos

There are several method to utilize Snaptube:

Method 1. Utilize its search bar

Since Snaptube is compatible with an in-built search engine. You can simply type in any relevant keywords on its search bar. This is also the easiest way for you so that you will not have to switch between apps.

To watch it online, simply tap on the thumbnail of the video; To download it, simply tap on the second icon from the right (an arrow next to the headphone’s icon), then choose the format or resolution.

Method 2. Access other sites from the app

Snaptube itself has provided several sites for you to access in the app. In the homepage, go to the For You page, then tap on the “View all sites” to choose whichever sites you wanna watch online.

To download it, simply tap on the yellow download icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. Afterwards, choose any format or resolution to save it.

Method 3. Paste a link on its search bar

This method is for those that have found the desired video or music from other platforms. Simply copy the video or music’s link from the platform then paste it on Snaptube’s search bar. In a few seconds, your video or music will pop up on the screen.

To download it, tap on the yellow download icon and choose the format and resolution.

Wrapping up:

Try to use this free and unlimited downloader now, we’re sure you will love it just like we do!