Social Media Activists Attack Tytan For Revealing Olinda Chapel’s Health In Public

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By Munashe Makuwe

ZIMBABWE’S social media community is unhappy with the Rumbidzai Show where musician Tytan Skhokho publicly exposed his ex-wife’s Olinda Chapel medical condition.

The Rumbidzai Show is social platform by Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya, a UK based Zimbabwean lawyer who often interviews Zimbabwean celebrities.

Tytan Skhokho, birth name, Njabulo Nkomo, opened up about the breakdown of his marriage to Olinda last year and his life experience in the United Kingdom.

Talking of his relationship with Olinda, Tytan said he did not know the person he had married and only realised it later she was not the right person for him after a fight and he was was thrown out of the couple’s home.

He later received a call from Olinda telling him; “I am going to put you on a flight back to Zimbabwe”.

Bvunzawabaya is alleged to have then advised the Ndokubata Bho hitmaker to to go on the show where he revealed the health status of his ex-wife.

However, social media users did not take kindly to the disclosure and disagreed with the presenter and guest.

During the show Tytan broke into tears, he said he only stayed with Olinda after the fight to take care of the couple’s daughter.

“I trusted her,” he said referring to Olinda.

However, the social media community was not kind to comments made by Tytan during the Rumbidzai Show.

The show host was forced to block some of the comments made to her on social media platforms.