SolarEyes International – a one stop repository for solar energy

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SolarEyes International is an international solar energy aggregator and accelerator enhancing the growth of the solar energy industry. We are a one stop repository for global solar energy information. Sharing opportunities, jobs, innovations and breaking news in the energy sector is part of SolarEyes International’s mandate.

SolarEyes International works together with energy organizations (local and international), solar energy industry financiers, respective governments, private solar companies, NGOs and end user markets in order to green the world. Our goal is to be a timely source of information, human capital, job linkages, guidelines, finances and critical perspectives on solar energy.

Besides advocating for an increased access to energy through use of solar energy systems, SolarEyes fights to fill the gap between availability of solar business and availability of respective resources (both human and financial).

The organization seeks to make within reach the following:

  • Necessary solar energy information in respective regions and/or countries
    • Solar companies, suppliers, opportunities and challenges
    • Provide a platform as a service for specific solar energy information
  • Contribute to an accelerated international realization of solar as a renewable energy source
  • Globally enhance availability of resources (both human and financial) in the solar energy sector
  • Research and advisory in the solar space in different countries
  • Globally enhance availability of business through enhancing solar energy project funding mechanisms
  • Castigate solar energy skills development from earlier education levels
  • Help reduce energy poverty and poverty in general through use of solar energy
  • Provide a timely database of skilled personnel and job openings in the solar industry
  • Provide new product reviews to guide the market understand what to expect
  • Contribute to open source platforms as means of accelerating the global uptake of solar energy
  • Act as a channel for suppliers and solar companies to reach to their target customers

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