Soldiers Assault Villagers After Break-In At Minister July Moyo’s Rural Home

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By Staff Reporter

VILLAGERS in Humbani area, Mberengwa West, Midlands province, were allegedly severely assaulted last week by armed soldiers following a break-in at the homestead of Local Government Minister July Moyo.

Local residents in the area who spoke to on condition of anonymity, confirmed various grocery items were stolen during the break-in by unknown intruders.

According to the minister’s neighbour’s, Moyo’s sister and a caretaker stay at the homestead.

“There was a break-in at Minister July Moyo’s homestead. The thieves stole groceries, which had just been delivered. I think the thieves or thief must have seen them being delivered,” one villager said.

He said following the theft a report was made to the police.

“The police first attended the crime scene and then soldiers came and assaulted the villagers accusing them of stealing the groceries. One old man who was assaulted severely was caught cycling his bicycle,” another villager confirmed.

According to the villagers no arrests in the area had been made in connection with the theft.

When reached for comment by over the theft and assault, Moyo said he had not yet been briefed.

“Nobody has not told me about the theft. I will check with some people who have gone there,” he said.

However, efforts to get comments from the police and army spokespersons were unsuccessful.