Soldiers loot Mugabe’s computers, in court

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A CORPORAL in the Zimbabwe National Army is in trouble after he allegedly stole 119 laptops, three desktop computers and accessories belonging to former President Robert Mugabe recently.

Pepukai Zvakavapano, who is attached to the Presidential Guard section, was taken to court on Monday answering to unlawful entry and theft charges.

He denied the allegations arguing that Mugabe gave him the property he is accused of stealing.

Zvakavapano appeared before Harare magistrate Josephine Sande who remanded him in custody after ordering him to apply for bail at the High Court.

Mugabe is being represented by Wonder Enock Nyamurima who was entitled to keep the stolen property.

According to court papers, Zvakavapano committed the offence at Zimbabwe House.

It is alleged that former President’s house was being renovated.

Court heard Nyamurima was ordered to transfer Mugbe’s property to Pollo ground where five shipping containers had been placed to secure the goods.

The goods occupied five containers which were then secured by padlocks.

It is alleged that on April 3, Zvakavapano was on duty together with his alleged accomplice, also a soldier only identified as Marega.

They allegedly connived to steal the goods and broke the padlocks before they looted the laptops and accessories.

It is alleged they threw the property over the security walls and hid them nearby.

They only stopped after they were disturbed by other soldiers who were on guard and dumped three boxes containing four laptops, a printer and a desktop.

They later shared their loot and recruited agents who sold the stolen property in Harare.

After some dumped boxes containing laptops were discovered, the case was reported.

Investigations started leading to the recovery of a laptop being sold in a shop at Nhaka house.

Voster Chigede who was selling the laptop led the police to one Tawanda Edson Musekiwa who had bought the laptop from Zvakavapano.

Only nine laptops were recovered after Zvakavapano’s arrest.