Soldiers Must Not Join Politics, Opposition Party Leader Chamuka Says

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By Staff Reporter

ACTIVE and retired soldiers should not swap camouflage for political or government positions as their training strips them of compassion and affection towards the general populace, the Ideas Party of Democracy leader Herbert Chamuka has said.

Speaking at the launch of IDP’s manifesto in Gweru on Sunday, Chamuka said soldiers should remain in the barracks as they are taught to be killers.

“Among the things we talked about today is the issue of soldiers. When we win elections in 2023, no former soldier will be in government. Once a soldier always a soldier and should die a soldier. Soldiers are taught to kill, so they should not have any position in government or politics,” he said.

Chamuka’s utterances come at a time when Vice President Constantino Chiwenga who is a retired general is under fire from some quarters of the society after his infamous speech where he spoke like he was in the barrack while giving a chilling warning to Chief Murinye.

Chief Murinye stands accused by government for undermining the authority of President Emmerson Mnangagwa after bemoaning corruption.

In his speech, Chamuka who is IDP’s 2023 presidential candidate also spoke against corruption which has affected every facet of the economy.

“Our manifesto touched on different issues affecting the ordinary citizen among them education, health, economy and corruption,” he said.

Chamuka urged people to vote for IDP and promised sweeping changes in governance of the country.

“We are saying vote for new ideas. When we win elections in 2023, we are going to improve the livelihoods of ordinary people. We are going to increase salaries and education will be free,” he said.

The buoyant Chamuka described his party as the government in waiting as he confident of defeating Zanu PF and MDC.

“We are going to defeat them resoundingly.  Zimbabweans are ready for change and we are going to deliver that. The support that I have been receiving from the provinces that I have visited is humbling,” he said.