Somizi Hits Back At Zanu PF

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By Mandipa Masenyama

FAMOUS South African socialite Somizi Mhlongo, also known as Somgaga, Thursday, responded to the ZANU-PF youth’s claims of planning to mobilis against him if he graced the reopening of Garwe restaurant because of his homosexual disposition.

In a video on Facebook, the South African socialite revealed how the Garwe restaurant failed to make things clear when they booked him to grace the reopening of the restaurant which resulted in them demanding a refund for no valid reason.

Garwe succumbed to public pressure after Zanu PF youths and masses on social media passed negative comments and questioned the government for allowing Garwe restaurant to bring in a homosexual in Zimbabwe.

“Everything was done properly, they had made the payments and they started saying no because I haven’t posted about the event and said they want their refund and want to cancel it but something felt offish,” he said.

Mhlongo said the Garwe restaurant officials did not give a valid reason why they had cancelled him for the occasion but rather used the issue of Mhlongo not posting this event on his social media handles as a scapegoat to cancel him off, based on his sexuality.

“When they came to me and said we want to cancel because you did not post, and I told them but I explained to you that I did not have Instagram. Anything that I post on Instagram it’s an advert for them. I am not their marketing person. I am not a promoter of marketing, but I do it because I want to,’’ Somgaga said.

“You have been stopped from Zimbabwe because some Catholic whatever and some are saying Zanu PF, there are a whole lot of issues but the truth is in Zimbabwe they do not want me to come based on my sexuality, they have made it clear,” Somizi added.

Somgaga likened homophobia with xenophobia and later on highlighted that it is no different to racism.

“What you are doing being homophobic is not different with anyone who is xenophobic and racist, there is no difference,” he said.

Somizi commended South Africa for accommodating the gay community.

“In my country our constitution is better than anywhere else in the world as far as LGBTQI community plus is concerned and the rights,” Somizi said.