South Africa becoming ZIMBABWE 2.0 – experts warn

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By Agencies

SOUTH Africa is turning into Zimbabwe and could face mass food shortage after a plan to seize land from white farmers was approved, experts have warned.

The country’s economy and food production system will soon be on the brink of collapse if the “land redistribution” policy goes ahead, the South African Institute of Race Relations.

The warning comes amid statistics showing 74 murders and 638 attacks on white farmers had taken place in just one year.

White farmers have also be subjected to brutal attacks in their homes by mobs who are being encouraged by South African authorities.

The current ruling party, African National Congress (ANC), announced a plan to redistribute wealth to black people, saying it would implement a “radical” plan.

Part of this is seizing white-owned land without compensation after the majority of the voted in favour of it.

But the South African Institute of Race Relations said the move could turn the country into Zimbabwe, which was implemented by the country’s former despot leader Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe economy effectively imploded with massive hyperinflation, while its food production nosedived when white-owned land was seized.

A spokesman from the race relations group said: “More than 90% of food in South Africa is produced by commercial farmers. At this stage, approximately 90% of the farms that were distributed to black farmers by the government by their own admittance go out of production.

“The South African government has mostly defended its position by saying that farm attacks and farm murders are not different from the rest of the country and that all South Africans are affected by violent crime – the government has thus never treated farm attacks and farm murders as a government priority.

“The white farmer in South Africa is part of a minority group. It is also unaccepted that property be expropriated without compensation.

“The international community should pressure the South African government to address the problem of crime in South Africa.

“The ultimate result of what the government is currently introducing is the collapse of the economy and the redistribution of poverty which will affect all of us.

“International business will invest where profit could be made, and they are clearly not willing to risk investments to support a failed ideology.”