South Africa has paid a very high price for ignoring election rigging in Zim – says Mmusi Maimane

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By Staff Reporter

SOUTH Africa opposition leader Mmusi Maimane has urged the neighbouring country to closely observe Zimbabwe’s upcoming general elections and ensure they are credible.

Maimane, leader of Build One South Africa (BOSA) said for long South Africa has paid the price for ignoring election rigging and supporting dictatorship in Zimbabwe.

Millions of Zimbabweans have in the past years flocked into South Africa in search of better living conditions. The majority who are illegal immigrants,  have been accused of burdening the country’s public services.

“The Election Day is 23 August 2023. Our role as South Africa is making sure that the election is free and the days before the election are fair.

“We have paid a very high price as South Africa because of ignoring rigging and supporting dictatorship in Zimbabwe.

“What is a free and fair election? – Release of all political prisoners, free and equal access by opposition parties to all state owned media, no intimidation and use of violence in the townships and rural areas by party youth,” wrote Maimane on his official Twitter account.


Maimane also urged Zimbabweans to go out and vote in their numbers.

“No buying of votes in rural areas , no use of spy agencies to target activists, freedom of movement for election observers, digitally accessible and free access of voters roll, digital uploads of V11 forms from the voting station to Zimbabwe Electoral Commission  and to local and international media platforms.

“As South Africa we have to side with democracy and stand for fully free and fully fair elections. I call on South African media to play a robust role in covering this important regional election and to do so without fear or favor.

“To all Zimbabweans, do everything you can to take part in this election. Voter turnout must be 100%,” Maimane said.