South African musician AKA urges Zim solidarity amid crackdown

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By Munashe Makuwe

POPULAR South African rapper, AKA has joined the growing chorus of condemnation of a Zimbabwean government crackdown critics who have upped their demands for corrupt government officials to be held to account.

The Fela in Versace hitmaker took to Twitter to point out many South Africans were worried about the Black Lives Matter movement overseas to notice the alleged injustice next door.

“Sending love to the megacy in Zimbabwe. I hope y’all good. I would say, ‘I’m praying for you’ but that’s a bit overdone. I’d rather just say you’re on my mind, and I hope you will be victorious soon,” AKA said Sunday.

“Imagine your fellow Africans are too busy focused on #BLM happening 15,000km away to care about those very same black lives next door. Black is King my a**. Stay strong Zimbabwe.”

He urged fans to “spread awareness about what’s going on in Zimbabwe”, saying people need our help.

“To be honest, the only thing we as South Africans can do is put pressure on our own government to intervene. How one goes about doing that? I don’t know.’

“The aftermath of a crisis in Zimbabwe is a crisis for SA in many ways. Our own government should be looking at it that way,” he said.

AKA went on to say, “We will do what we can as public figures and friends who can speak freely in our country for those who are scared to do so in their own, with good reason.”

The musician enjoys a massive fan base among Zimbabweans.