South Africa’s EFF party says Operation Dudula instigating possible genocide against fellow-Africans

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SOUTH AFRICA: The Economic Freedom Fighters says the controversial Operation Dudula group could incite a possible genocide if the group’s anti-black sentiment goes unchecked.

The party has been calling for the prosecution of the so-called vigilante group, accusing its members of instigating tribalism, violence and chaos in Gauteng.

“History has taught us that the apartheid regime used various strategies to ensure that South Africans formed a divided nation.

“It was through the differences between ethnic groups and tribes, among other things, that the government of the time managed to manipulate and entrench hatred and a lack of trust among most black South Africans,” said the party in a statement.

“Today the same strategies are being used again by criminals under the disguise of failing South Africa.”

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The EFF in Gauteng is calling for unity in the province to ‘avoid falling into the trap of tribalism and this possible genocide instigated by Dudula members’.

“There is enough evidence that South Africa had been and is still a divided country, not only along racial lines but even on tribal or ethnic groupings,” said EFF acting Gauteng chairperson, Itani Mukwevho.

“Although corruption and hatred among tribes and a lack of service delivery become the order of the day, tribalism is also playing its bad role in dividing people,” said Mukwevho.

The party is concerned about what it calls the “mushrooming of reactionary operations” targeting black foreigners and slammed attacks on people from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Congo.

Mukwevho said Operation Dudula, led by Soweto-based entrepreneur, Nhlanhla Lux, was “deliberately and cowardly” neglecting undocumented Chinese, Indians, British, Polish, and Italians – essentially white foreign nationals, who may have also been living in South Africa undocumented.

“The manner in which immigrants from South Africa are treated by this Dudula operation, police, government and our communities is less than desirable.

“Many of these immigrants are denied medical care, are discriminated against even by the police, are refused basic human services, and are even refused burial rights in our cemeteries,” said Mukwevho.

“How sub-human can we ever be when we even deny our African brothers and sisters burial rights in South Africa, because transporting their loved ones back to their countries is too expensive?”

The EFF is calling for a firm stance on the protection of the rights of African immigrants.