Spencer Banda: Star FM presenter’s attacker denies charges

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By Court Reporter

THE trial of a Harare man who allegedly bashed a STAR FM presenter Spencer Banda for bedding his wife commenced Wednesday with the accused denying the charges.

Michael Mawedze, 41, denied ever laying hand on Banda saying it was his friends who did so.

He told court that he only broke Banda’s car keys after the latter attempted to flee from the scene upon noticing him.

Mawedze said he was angry because Banda tried to escape instead of explaining his case after he caught him with his wife during odd hours of the night.

However, Banda insisted that Mawedze also assaulted him.

The DJ told court that after he got the beating of his life he fled from a house where the assailants dragged him to and ran along a railway line, in the process, endangering his life.

He told court that Mawedze’s wife, Sharon was his supplier of rugby stockings.

Banda told court that on the day in question, he had gone to Mawedze’s home to collect ten pairs of stockings which he had paid for.

However, upon counting the stockings they discovered that one pair was missing.

He told court that he offered Sharon a seat in his car since it was raining.

When they noticed that one pair was missing, Banda said he asked Sharon to drive to her cousin’s place to get the missing pair.

When they were on their way, Mawedze and his friends followed them and blocked the way with their own vehicle.

Banda claimed Mawedze and his colleagues then attacked him before dragging him to a house where they further assaulted him while he was naked and also took photos of him.

The case was postponed to next week with Mawedze’s lawyer cross examining Banda.

Banda allegedly lost his wallet containing US$1,300 and R2,600, a mobile phone and a wrist watch.