State security go after illegal money changers “running down ZiG”

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By Tapiwa Svondo 

The ruling party Zanu PF has issued a stern warning to black market traders whom it has accused of running down the recently introduced gold-backed currency ZiG.

Speaking at a press conference Monday Zanu-PF secretary for information and publicity Christopher Mutsvangwa said only the price of gold should determine the exchange rate of the ZiG and security apparatus were on the lookout for those trading at a “false value”.

“This is blasphemy, this is the duplicity of the worst possible kind, what am I saying? I am saying to those who want to run down the ZiG, trading and giving it a false value, our security apparatus will be alert this time.

“We want to ask you about the price you are giving out where did you get it, gold in Masvingo and gold in Mutare the price is the same as the one in Burkina Faso or Bolivia, so this price of yours you want to charge for the rate of exchange for ZiG in US dollars where did you get it other than these institutions and give us an explained brief where you got it”, said Mutsvangwa

Mutsvangwa further slammed economist Professor Gift Mugano for allegedly “poisoning” learners in business and financial schools.

“We dig money because gold is everything, now what you dig in your own country which is used to support the currency and you say you don’t want it, I want the one I’m given by Washington, printed from New York and you tell yourself that you are an economist, you must stop giving poison to our children in the financial and business school the likes of Mugano.

“Try to be faithful to the science of finance because it is a science, try to tell the history of money as it is not falsifying but at the same time admire the President and his economic team is going to use something that is ours which we can touch,” fumed Mutsvangwa.