State still investigating Gomba’s election fraud case, a month after his arrest

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By Paul Katanda

THE National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Wednesday said it was still investigating the matter in which former Harare mayor, Herbert Gomba, is being accused of election fraud.

It is over a month after the politician was arrested and the state sought a postponement to May 30, stating that investigations are still ongoing.

Gomba appeared before Harare Magistrate Trynos Utahwashe, who granted the postponement.

The former mayor was arrested in March this year and is facing charges of violating Section 37 of the Electoral Act.

It is being alleged that during the 2018 general election, he made a false declaration on registration of several voters with his address.

The State also alleges that on an unknown date in 2017, Gomba submitted a false address during a voter registration exercise.

According to the state, twenty-two persons used the same address, with nine of them alleged to be using Gomba as their surname.

The State alleges that this was intended to manipulate the 2018 council election results in Gomba’s favour.

Lancelot Mutsokoti represented the state