Steward Bank unveils $100 million private health care fund

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By Business Reporter

STEWARD Bank CEO Lance Mambondiani said his financial institution has availed $100 million to re-tool the health sector in the country which has gone down deeply due to the economic meltdown.

Mambondiyani said this has seen many professionals in the health sector leaving the country and work were better facilities in the health care are available thereby worsening the sector.

Addressing medical professionals at the official opening of this year’s edition of the Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZIMA) annual conference Friday, Mambondiyani said his bank has seen in fit to set aside such an amount to improve the health sector.

“What are we putting on the table? One of the things that we thought we should do to show you our commitment, to show you how serious we are about in conclusion is to tell you that as Econet Group, as Steward Bank we want to put on the table a $100 million facility you can access right now as you walk out of the auditorium,” Mambondiyani said.

“There is a Steward team to start taking whatever you require to make sure we are holding hands together.

“Some of the areas that we thought we would assist you is firstly what we call retooling. If you would like to acquire some equipment for retooling your facility as a group, we are available to do so.”

The Steward Bank boss also said that the facility will fill in the gap in terms of shortage of medication.

“We are providing the medication that is required. We are providing the equipment that is required by you. As medical practitioners to provide that expert care, expert services that are required by your father, your mother, by your children, by every Zimbabwean,” he said.

“So, we would like to assist you as an organisation or individually to help you in retooling.

“We would like to assist you firstly in mortgages that help you in building world class facilities, facilities that we would be proud of.”

He added, “We would like to make sure that we assist you in providing working capital, for we know it’s a problem to have working capital that allows you to run your own practice.

“We are hoping we would be holding each other’s hands to build the Zimbabwe we want. Importation of drugs and again many things we know we require as a group.”