Stop aiding “devil” Mnangagwa; Zhuwao dares British PM Theresa May

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By Staff Reporter

Exiled former cabinet minister and nephew to former president Robert Mugabe, Patrick Zhuwao has blasted British Prime Minister Theresa May and her government for assisting  President Emmerson Mnangagwa in what he called “a plot to unleash a blood bath”  in the country.

In his Brief Reloaded Article 19 released on Wednesday, Zhuwao warned May that history will judge her actions and that of her government if it aides Mnangagwa in the massacre of innocent people through believing in lies and fabrications.

 “The British government, and I dare say various British institutions, are colluding with Mnangagwa in his despicable subterfuge that has the hallmark of the 1980s Gukurahundi Massacres that saw the loss of thousands of lives.

“My letter to you places these matters on the record so that history will judge your actions and those of your government in the full knowledge that you were complicit in the blood bath that Mnangagwa is plotting to unleash,” said Zhuwao.

In the letter, Zhuwao also blamed the British government of supporting the November, 2017 coup which toppled former president Mugabe.

“Your government, with the support of institutions such as the BBC, has sought to sanitize that coup by presenting it as a transition and by pressuring governments in the region and on the continent to similarly condone the coup.

 “Your government’s role in propagating, through the BBC, Mnangagwa’s diabolical #MyHunchWithoutEvidence justification to violence will soil your hands with blood as happened to Margaret Thatcher,” added Zhuwao.

“Your despicable liaison with the reptilian Mnangagwa will not stem the tide of Zimbabwe’s Second Republic set to be ushered in by the assured election of Nelson Chamisa on 30 July 2018,” Zhuwao stated.

The former minister challenged Mnangagwa’s statements on the BBC Wednesday where he implicated former first Lady Grace Mugabe’s G40 faction in last Saturday’s White City Stadium rally blast which killed two people, injuring 49 others.

Zhuwao said Mnangagwa’s lies were “a hunch without evidence” as he urged May to assist with the investigations that killed the two aides at the Bulawayo rally rather than try to support the “devil.”

According to Zhuwao, three quarters of the violence in Zimbabwe since 1980 has been perpetrated and directed by President Mnangagwa.

“My knowledge of the way Mnangagwa operates is that he is planning to launch a crack-down in the same way that he has done over the last 38 years, notably in 2008 and during the Gukurahundi massacres.

 “Contrary to Mnangagwa’s claim in the BBC interview that Zimbabwe is the most peaceful country in the region; the fact is that the country is the most politically violent state in Southern Africa adding the country has the dishonorable record of accounting for 40% of all political violence in the region,” added Zhuwao.