Stop celebrating these parallel structures – says Mliswa as Mnangagwa launches another 4ED platform ‘Miners Forum 4ED’

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By Thandiwe Garusa

ANOTHER parallel structure affiliated to the ruling party, Miners’ Forum for Economic Development (ED), has been launched.

It joins other appendages like MenbelievED, Young Women for ED, Pastors for ED, Teachers for ED, Health Workers for ED, People With Disabilities for ED, Mahwindi for ED, Lawyers for ED among other structures that are emerging.

Addressing a press conference Wednesday, the national chairperson for the Miners Forum for ED, Constance Muchoni said they were going to mobilise artisanal and small-scale miners for Zanu PF’s targeted five million votes in next year’s general election.

“All those who are in the mining sector and those interested in mining, we are encompassing everyone as we move towards economic development.

“We are going from province to province and in those exercises, we are going to be mobilising especially the artisanal miners who are left behind in most programs. We are also going to be assisting in terms of formalising and legalising their operations.

“We have so far mobilised artisanal and small-scale miners close to a million so I would say we are going to contribute maybe 18 to 20% of the five million votes.”

However, outspoken Norton independent member of parliament Temba Mliswa said this only showed that the party was failing as these 4ED outfits are replicating already existing main party structures.

“I remain surprised at how the ruling party is celebrating having parallel structures under the guise of a thriving and growing base. These ‘4ED’ outfits should worry every well-meaning Zanu PF supporter.

“They are festering, cancerous wounds, allowed on they will be fatal. In their bare essence, they are replicating already existing main party structures. This can be a tacit accusation that National Commissar Bimha has and is failing to run the party. Why not  just do, through the main party structures, what  the outfits are doing?” Mliswa posted on Twitter.