Stop poking your nose in Zim affairs, Zanu PF says to Malema

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

ZANU PF has warned prominent South African opposition leader Julius Malema to keep his distance from Zimbabwe’s internal affairs.

Addressing journalists at the party headquarters on Tuesday, acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa also accused the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) leader of working to undermine the cause of black South Africans with the help of his funders.

In the recent past, Malema has voiced disapproval over the Zanu PF led government’s decision to compensate white former commercial farmers and has criticised the Harare administration for rampant rights abuses on the opposition and ordinary citizens.

The firebrand politician has also threatened to mobilise nearly 50 000 South Africans to march and force the closure of the Zimbabwean embassy in Pretoria in protest.

Chinamasa, in his comments, found everything unrevolutionary about the former ANC youth leader’s conduct.

“…By breaking ranks from the ANC, (Malema) has helped to undermine the cause of the revolution of the black South African people,” Chinamasa told journalists Tuesday.

“And I want to say this to Mr Julius Malema, making inflammatory speeches and donning red work suits and barrettes do not make a revolutionary.

“A true revolutionary, which by the way you are not, first and foremost would acquaint himself with the concrete situation he is facing and to plot steps by steps the tactics and on how he can his revolutionary goals.

“By breaking ranks from the ANC and we do not know who is funding you temporarily destabilise the black South African’s march towards total economic emancipation and independence.

“I use the word temporarily; you will never succeed to weaken completely the cause of the black South Africans in their march towards total economic emancipation and independence.”

Chinamasa added, “In a revolution, unity of all progressive forces is imperative Mr. Malema. You chose the path of disunity and what have you achieved beside making noises, nothing.”

Chinamasa also accused Malema of working with former Zanu PF G40 members.

“So Zanu PF says to Mr Julius Malema and his EFF, for God’s sake, stop poking your G40 nose in Zimbabwe’s domestic affairs.

“The G40 and Julius Malema’s EFF are sleeping in the same bag. Malema has now made G40’s cause his cause and he is forgetting that he is an opposition in the South African parliament.

“Because they are sleeping together day in day out, he now thinks that he is an official opposition in Zimbabwe he is not and that’s the message I am delivering to him.”

EFF said it will be organising about 50 000 South Africans to shut down Zimbabwe Embassy if Zimbabwe does not recall its ambassador to Pretoria David Hamadziripi.

This comes after Hamadziripi issued a statement warning EFF to stop poking its nose on Zimbabwe internal affairs.