Stop politicking over coronavirus – Chamisa

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By Idah Mhetu

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa says some Zimbabwean politicians should stop playing politics around the coronavirus disaster which has devastated world countries with the ever present possibility of Zimbabwe also experiencing the dreaded outbreak.

Addressing journalists while touring Harare’s Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital Monday, the opposition chief said all must put the nation ahead of their political interests at a time when many lives were at stake due to the virus.

“We should not be partisan about it, because diseases are non-partisan,” he said.

“We cannot afford to talk politics. Health is beyond politics, but it is about life, we can’t go into politics, we cannot wish others bad thinking that we will not get this kind of problem.”

He added, “We need to do everything we can beyond politics, there are no slogans beyond this life. So, we have no luxury to be in slogans or to be in parties, this is not MDC and this is not Zanu PF.

“This is Zimbabwe and this the time for us to unite as a people and do what we know best to defend our being as a people.”

His comments follow embarrassing utterances by the country’s Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri this past week that the coronavirus disaster which has devastated China before spreading into Europe and the rest of the world was God’s curse on countries that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Chamisa also appealed to the business community and churches to also come together and contribute as Zimbabwe plays its part to fight the epidemic.

“We appeal to the people of Zimbabwe to be alert and let’s put our hands on deck and call to action everyone to know that this is a national demand and emergency as it is a global issue; we need to come together, faith leaders in the various denominations, churches, businesses and private sector must also come in to contribute.

“We have won before and we hope we will win again in fighting this disease,” he said.

Zimbabwe is yet to confirm a positive case of coronavirus while neighbouring South Africa has confirmed over 60 cases inside a week.