‘Stop the fight before he KILLS him!’: Boxing fans outraged Chisora allowed to fight Tyson Fury who battered 38-year-old

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By Daily Mail UK

LONDON: Boxing fans are outraged that Derek Chisora was allowed to fight Tyson Fury after a dominant performance from the Gypsy King saw him deal plenty of damage to his English rival.

Fury was the heavy-favourite coming into the fight and a win for the 34-year-old was always predicted – however viewers aren’t happy with how the contest has gone.

Many fans on social media wondered how the fight was not stopped earlier – with some concerned for Chisora’s health.

One fan said that Chisora’s corner should have thrown the towel in earlier to protect their boxer – even after just three rounds.

They said: ‘Chisora’s corner needs to stop this fight. Only three rounds in, and Fury’s already trying not to hurt him.’

There was real concern for Chisora, whose eye had swollen up and looked badly hurt before the referee called it off in round 10

Some fans were even more concerned – thinking that Fury could have killed Chisora if the fight lasted any longer.

The fan pleaded with the referee to ‘stop the fight before Fury kills Chisora,’ with another referring to Del Boy as a ‘walking body bag’.

The fight was eventually stopped after 10 rounds but this seemed like far too long given what was happening inside the ring.

The fight was always predicted to be a mismatch with both fighters at different stages of their respective careers, with many boxing fans stating Fury should not have taken the fight in the build-up.

One viewer watching the Gypsy King’s victory over Chisora said: ‘This is embarrassing from Fury to fight Chisora.’

With another saying that he was going to switch off his TV if the fight went on any longer than it did.

The popular potential opponent for Fury’s next fight – Oleksandr Usyk – was in the crowd for the bout and fans will be hoping that it is a much more evenly-contested affair.