Stop Threatening Tanzania, Zanu PF Warns US

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By Staff Reporter 

THE ruling Zanu PF has called the US to order before demanding that it stops issuing threats of imposing sanctions against Tanzania and also for the super power not to interfere with the East African country’s internal affairs.

The stern warning was issued this week by Zanu PF acting national spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa.

“We unequivocally call upon the US and its allies who have started threatening imposing sanctions on Tanzania to stop their unbridled interference into the affairs of our sister republic. Winning the trust of the people through such a decisive (election) victory is not a crime,” Chinamasa said.

Tanzania recently held presidential and parliamentary elections, which saw John Magufuli being re-elected president for his second and final term.

However, the main opposition party, Chadema has contested the results arguing the vote was rigged and is demanding a rerun.

Commenting on the election result, the US said it noted “credible allegations of significant election-related fraud and intimidation.”

The US is also accused of having threatened against the Tanzanian government.

However, Zanu PF have stepped in and has advised Magufuli’s government to be strong, resilient and steadfast against US’s machinations.

“We implore our colleagues to take lessons and courage from us Zanu PF and the people of Zimbabwe who have stood resilient and steadfast against such machinations. The West has no colonial responsibility over Tanzania and, therefore, cannot prescribe its path to development,” said Chinamasa.

Zimbabwe has been under US trade sanctions since the turn of the millennium with the West insisting the restrictive measures will only be removed when Harare implements political, economic and electoral reforms.

Meanwhile, Chinamasa repeated his threats against the UK accusing it of unnecessarily interfering in Zimbabwe’s internal matters.

“We reiterate our call that the British Parliament has no colonial responsibility over Zimbabwe and it’s governance system. We fought colonisation against their kith and kin here and defeated them. The British must stop behaving as if they have a duty to baby sit Zimbabwe and its leadership. To that we say no and whoever harbours those thoughts must wish them away.