Struggling rural authority splurges on managers’ cars, tablets for councillors

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By Kwekwe Correspondent

ZIBAGWE Rural District Council (ZRDC) has set plans to pamper its top management and councillors if its projected $2,3 million budget for the year 2019 is anything to go by.

The rural council is not only going to shell $200 000 on three top of the range vehicles but has also resolved to splurge nearly $20 000 on councillors’ tablets.

“Council’s projected total revenue estimates for the year 2019 has been pegged at $3, 288, 410.00 including $950,000.00 from other funding sources which include a loan and ZINARA disbursements,” Zibagwe Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Farayi Machaya said.

He explained that the “budget for internally generated income is pegged at $2, 338,409.80, up from $1, 66 million in the previous year”.

Machaya went on to highlight that council has, “budgeted for the acquisition of three motor vehicles, two double cab vehicles and 1 SUV at $200 000 which include 1 for the Office of Council Chairperson, 1 for the Office of Chief Executive Officer and 1 SUV for administrative purposes.”

The projections for the vehicle purchases come at a time the rural local authority has a depleted fleet of vehicles for service delivery.

Some of the vehicles are grounded and in need of maintenance.

But that would not stop councillors from being pampered.

Under Councillors Welfare Zibagwe, “set aside $19, 800 for councillors tablets and $3, 7 50.00 for councillors medical assistance.”

Meanwhile a paltry $33 000 will be disbursed for various developmental projects on the district where, “member of the community will identify their developmental projects as per their need in respective wards”.

Furthermore, the council has also budgeted $21 000 for national events such as Heroes and Independence celebrations.

“That will see each ward getting $100.00 for such events. This budget also includes culture day and other state occasions,” the budget presentation read.