Stunner denies assaulting ex-wife; claims she cheated on him twice

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By Showbiz Reporter

MUSICIAN Desmond Chideme, better known as Stunner, has denied assaulting ex-wife Dione Tafirenyika, insisting the charges were fabricated.

Stunner appeared before the Harare magistrate’s court Wednesday facing domestic violence charges.

The musician told said Tafirenyika fabricated the charges after he told her to leave their marital home for cheating on him twice.

Defence lawyer Dumisani Mutombeni told the court that the charges against his client are false and an afterthought.

Mutombeni further submitted that Tafirenyika was caught by his client twice cheating two weeks before the Rainbow Towers assault incident.

The defence insisted that Tafirenyika was not assaulted as there were a lot of people present during that night.

He insisted that had she was assaulted Chideme could have been recorded on a video or stopped by the security guards.

Mutombeni also told the court that Tafirenyika refused to be medically examined because she knew that her lies would be exposed.

The case continues.