Stunner falls on hard times, as domestic violence case stalls

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By Paul Katanda

MUSICIAN Desmond Chideme, popularly known as Stunner in the arts industry, is losing out on endorsements after he was reported for domestic violence by his wife, Dyone Tafirenyika.

This emerged when he appeared before Harare magistrate, Evelyn Mashayakure on Wednesday.

The state sought postponement of his trial date to June 13, 2022, indicating that some witness statements are yet to be recorded.

Through his lawyer, Dumisani Mutombeni, Chideme complained about the postponement, stating that the pending court case was costing him financially.

“My client is heavily dependent on music shows and endorsements for his survival and some of his deals have since been suspended,  and shows that were pre-booked have been cancelled pending finalisation of this case,” Mutombeni said.

He also added that postponing the matter will only add to his client’s problems, as his business will be on hold waiting for the court’s ruling.

“The level of prejudice my client is suffering is very severe, and the law should not be used by a spouse to punish the other,” he added.

He further argued that the state is not even aware who the witnesses are.

“Any hungry person can be paid and come to testify against my client,” said Mutombeni.

According to the state, Chideme assaulted Tafirenyika at the height of a domestic dispute at the Rainbow Towers Hotel back in April.

The court heard Tafirenyika had refused to give Chideme her mobile phone.

Mutombeni said the two are no longer together and the wife has since moved out of their house with her belongings.

Trial is now expected to commence on June 13.