Suspected Mentally Ill Lupane Man (19) Stabs To Death Girl (5)

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

LUPANE: A 19-year-old man here suspected to be mentally challenged allegedly fatally stabbed a five-year-old girl six times on the stomach leaving her intestines protruding before cutting her throat with a knife.

The girl, identified as Angel Nkomo died on the spot.

She was with four other juveniles having a meal when Lucky Ncube of Mapanda Village under Chief Mabhikwa entered the homestead, grabbed Angel, and pulled her outside the yard where he stabbed her several times.

Seeing that Angel was in the danger, the other juveniles hastily abandoned the meal and rushed to inform their grandmother who was in a nearby field.

According to a report made to the police, Ncube proceeded to the homestead around 8 am Friday last week and found the kids alone.

The deceased stayed with her grandparents.

Angel’s grandfather had left home that to visit a sick relative while his wife also left to work in the fields leaving the minor children alone.

On her way to the fields, the grandmother met the suspect and greeted him but did not respond.

“At around 8 am, the accused then entered the homestead where he grabbed and dragged the now deceased outside the yard. He then stabbed the deceased six times on the stomach and once on the left rib before cutting her throat,” the police said.

Angel then collapsed while bleeding profusely.

Police were told that Ncube had fled from the scene after committing the offence and was arrested the following day following a manhunt by members of the public.

Ncube stays in the same village, about 7km from the deceased girl’s place of residence.