Swiss Labour Union To Offer Zim Mine Workers Capacity Building Skills

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By Staff Reporter 

A SWITZERLAND-based global workers’ union Industriall Global has offered funding to Zimbabwe mine workers for training in capacity building.

According to the Zimbabwe Diamond Allied Minerals Workers’ Union (ZDAMWU) general-secretary Justice Chinhema at least 60 mine workers from across the country are going to receive training in labour law among other areas.

“With the support from Industriall Global Union where we are an affiliate, we are going to conduct an extensive capacity-building training for our membership,” he said.

“The trainings are going to be held in Harare and Bulawayo and we are going to train 60 of our shop floor members,” Chinhema said.

“As a union, we are very grateful to Industriall for support. The lives of mine workers will never be the same. Without the global union, we wouldn’t have afforded to have funds to hold the training.

“The training will be very extensive because members will learn basic trade union and workers’ rights, labour law, labour procedures, dispute resolution and collective bargaining, introduction to law, and safety and health,” he said.

Chinhema said the key objective of the training is to equip mine workers to understand workers’ rights and defend their interests.

“The objectives of the two trainings is to equip union members with skills relevant to defend the interests and rights of members. We shall also equip our members with skills in the recruitment drive of new union members, bargaining for a living wage and how to represent our members during hearings.”