T Freddy Trial: Court Hears ZBC Reporter Seduced Cleric With Nudes

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By Staff Reporter

ZBC presenter  Rutendo Makuti used nude pictures, audios and suggestive text messages to demand sex from Goodness and Mercy Ministries Founder and leader Tapiwa Freddy, the Harare Magistrates Court heard on Thursday.

During cross examination T Freddy’s defence counsel said Makuti consented to sexual acts and seduced the man of the cloth by sending nude pictures while pestering him for sex.

The nude pictures, audio and text messages were produced in court and the defence counsel said the mobile number used to send the audios belongs to her, though she said she was not the one who had his phone the material time.

T Fredsy, who is represented by Everson Chatambudza and Jivas Mudimu quarried Rutendo on why she was sending audios asking for a kiss and sex from him.

Makuti however denied the allegations saying she never send nude pictures but they were taken from her phone.

“I know the picture it was taken by my husband while bathing. As for the other pictures I don’t know it was taken when my husband was alive and we were in Nyanga,” she said.

The defence counsel said Makuti seduced the man of God and he fell victim to her allures