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UK: Zim-born Munya Chiwawa on challenging rise to fame, new show and Hollywood dreams

By LONDON: Despite becoming known as a viral sensation for his satirical sketches, Munya Chawawa’s career didn’t start in comedy. When he first moved to London, he says, he was doing “every gig under the sun”. There were many different ways he tried to break into the entertainment industry, from fashion blogging – which

Chiwawa artist in residence at Canada event

IT’S been 10 years since the Ontario-based ZimArt and Beaconsfield collaborated on the first Shona d’Afrique outdoor exhibition at Centennial Park. To mark the occasion ZimArt director and Shona d’Afrique curator Fran Fearnley is donating a large-scale sculpture by Zimbabwean artist Tinei Mashaya. The unveiling of the 2.73-metre piece, entitled Loving Each Other, takes place