Tajamuka gives Mnangagwa 7 day ultimatum to fix currency crisis

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By Leopold Munhende

FIREBRAND pressure group Tajamuka/Sesijikile has given President Emmerson Mnangagwa a seven-day ultimatum to fix the current crippling financial crisis short of which they will call for a national shutdown for 1 July this year.

This comes after government on Monday announced an unpopular ban on the use of multi-currencies which have been used since 2009 in place of the local RTGS dollar.

Tajamuka coordinator Tineyi Munetsi told Tuesday they have had enough of government’s intransigence when making far reaching decisions on the direction of the economy.

“The value of salaries previously pegged in US dollars has been reduced by +80%.

“All trade union representatives who have attempted to engage in lawful collective bargaining and demonstrations have been unlawfully muzzled by State agents,” Munetsi said.

“The policy decisions, actions and customs by the State, have caused untold hardship and torture on the citizenry and are clearly inconsistent with the founding values and principles of our country and constitution.”

He added, “We further call upon all our members and progressive willing citizens to shut down business and stay away from Monday 1 July 2019 until the president and parliament address our concerns and restore our dignity.”

Tajamuka, which comprises a group of youths fiercely opposed to the status quo, is also demanding the immediate resignation of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya who promised to quit his job if the bond note he introduced against public disapproval in 2016 failed.

The bond note, then introduced as a surrogate currency before being announced as the only legal tender by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube on Monday, has plunged from 1:1 to the US dollar to over 1:11.

“We call for the immediate resignation of RBZ Governor John Mangudya as per his promise to the citizens of Zimbabwe,” said Munetsi while also calling on President Mnangagwa to declare his commercial interests in and outside Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions on Monday also threatened to call for mass protests if Ncube did not reverse his policy scrapping the multi-currency system.